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7th June 2016

Spicerack have worked with independent global consumer insight company Foresight Factory for 3 years. Specialising in generating unique and profitable insights for their clients, FFonline is a proprietary platform providing practical, convenient and proven routes to the future.

When Foresight Factory invited us to pitch for the opportunity to reconstruct the FFonline platform from the ground up, we knew we had to be part of it.

Heading for a global launch in August 2016, we have devised a content platform which will enable the creation and publication of world class marketing research data via digital devices.

We are utilising cutting-edge search technologies and HTML5 content editing, to transition the Foresight Factory team from publishing content as complex powerpoint documents and spreadsheets, to a truly interactive online experience.

The platform supports subscription-based payments, as well as existing client accounts. It will facilitate the easy sharing and curation of content between users within Foresight Factory’s many prestigious clients’ teams.

This highly ambitious project is fully integrated with a new data warehouse, linking the raw survey data with HTML5 interactive data charts, giving clients a truly rich user experience from which to explore the data sets within a browser environment.

The August launch will be announced alongside the new global Foresight Factory marketing website, which we have designed and built in harmony with the new FFonline platform.