Somerset County Council
Corporate Identity

About this project


Spicerack won a 4-way pitch run by Somerset County Council to create the brand identity and guidelines for a new landmark in Somerset鈥檚 landscape. The Somerset Energy Innovation Centre is a striking building due to be completed in July 2015. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the building will attract inspiring businesses and tenants involved in green energy and sustainable power innovations. The identity needed to reflect this.


Our winning identity鈥檚 typography represents the semi-circular architecture of the the building face. It also represents the omniscience of the nucleus of a cell, and the omnipresence of the nucleus of an atom. As a shape it is a precise, powerful spinning rainbow of clean energy, and the enduring connectivity of an effortless, constant journey. The semi-circular facade looks out across the Quantocks, a word deriving from Cantuc – Celtic for Circle, a shape historically and culturally central to Somerset civilisation and communication.

Skills:  Branding, Design, Ideas, Strategy
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