Personalised trends platform

About this project


Foresight Factory provide best-in-class, business-critical trend analysis and predictions for the world鈥檚 top enterprises. We were asked to define and build a new online platform to enable their clients to discover, visualise and work with FF鈥檚 fantastic trends data, insight and analysis content. The platform also needed to be an engaging and efficient way for the FF team to create, publish and manage content.


We worked with Foresight Factory鈥檚 senior management to define, design, build and deliver their next generation content platform. We started the project with client interviews and workshops to establish user goals, pain-points and key journeys across their wide client base. This led us through a round of UX and user interface design work, defining, prototyping, testing and refining the proposition, before building out the backend publishing, search and personalisation components.聽

The result is a fully responsive front end, with a bespoke CMS that supports publishing rich trend data as HTML5, with conversion to PPTX for download. We utilized the latest ElasticSearch capabilities to provide a blisteringly fast natural language sensitive search solution; all served from a scalable and cloud-based hosting solution.

Skills:  Bespoke CMS, Build, Design, Devops, UX, Web Development
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